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Frequent Flyer Programs membership

I am planning to go on vacation very soon, and decided to share some positive tips to everyone who wants to earn more from every single dollar spent on vacation or any kind of trips.
A lot of you probably heard of Airline Credit Cards with Frequent Flyer Miles. Those credit cards usually let you earn 1 to 3 miles for every dollar spent on purchases. They also advertise thousands of free bonus miles and 0% APR once you signup for their credit card membership and usually charge you …

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How to redraw JQuery Slider?

In this example I am going to fine-tune wonderful JQuery Slider Plugin written by Egor Khmelev.
This is the official page of the Slider: http://blog.egorkhmelev.com/2010/03/jquery-slider-update/
Everything is great about this Slider except that it doesn’t allow you to refresh it settings live without reloading the page. For example it would be very useful to be able to change the slider scale, dimension / currency and/or other settings. And it is must have if you building Jquery Price Slider and need to change scale depending on user input.
The problem is that on official plugin page comments section is …

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Mexican burritos, winivstr.exe and braviax on my computer

This is a very short story on how to delete annoying virus and spyware – winivstr.exe.
A few weeks ago in my company we had one computer infected by email from “Fedex”. A virus was zipped, attached and emailed to one of our employees. Of course he opened the email from Fedex and even decided to execute .exe file in attachment… Yeah.. “Shit happens” you would say.. True. But I had to deal with it!